Her story from caterpillar to butterfly

Date: ……2025(version 2.0)

One fine day …clouds were blue, an area filled with many people, much noise of people verbalizing with each other and waiting for someone to arrive with much exhilaration, different media with their cameras and list of questions in their mind were waiting at the place then suddenly, Rolls-Royce arrived, Everyone suddenly ceased their talking. commenced rushing towards Rolls-Royce to give greetings with welcome gifts and with an abundance of congrats .then a lady with a Dark ebony blazer with a hijab on her head and a remote smile on her face just stepped out of her car……….. Everyone commenced congratulating her…

Are you confused about who that lady was?? and why is everyone congratulating her.

Let me tell you her story of prosperity.

As you heard, every strong desire turns into an unbelievable success, her success was also unbelievable...


She was born on 16 August 1999, she belongs to a small town from Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh. She shifted to Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh after her Secondary education. She joined a bachelor of technology by her parent's force. Her thinking was to do something different in her life. She didn’t relish breaking her parent's hearts so she perpetuated her studies in bachelor’s of Technology but she was not satisfied with her life. She was feeling dispirited when she mentally conceived of her own life. In her final year, as closer her graduation was going to complete she was feeling that her life was going to the dark side


One day her life’s door knocked. She received a diminutive mail from” digital Deepak” which gave a turn to her life. The mail was about a Digital marketing internship program denominated “Digital Deepak internship program”(DDIP), an invitation to a live webinar.

She attended the DDIP webinar and joined the internship program. On the other hand, she was doing her graduation with an electronics & communication designation. It was an arduous task for her to manage both. Finally, she did her internship successfully and she was one of the top 100 interns from batch-13 of DDIP After completion of her graduation her proper focus was on the things she learned from DIP. She exerts herself on it.


conclusively she started her fashion blog.

FASHION BLOG….. by hearing this, a name is gambling in everyone’s mind. Yes, I am verbalizing about the famous and the heart of fashion blogging miss “SAFA”. She runs a fashion blogging website with millions of adherents and much traffic on her blogging. Her designation is in every heart of fashion doters.

Lifestyle & routines

She lives in a resplendent place in a beautiful villa with a garden around.

She doesn’t work with the 9–5 timings, a stringent boss on her head, or with the work pressure. She sits in her garden with a Macbook headset plugged with her favorite musical composition and relishes inscribing her blogs. She spends an hour every day on books which helped her much to achieve her goals. She loves to help poor people so every Friday she goes to the people who need help and avails them as much as she can. Every year once she goes on a world tour. Every two months a year she spends time in her farmhouse with her family. She is an influencer too .she says that sharing knowledge with others makes you more impeccable. So she shares her knowledge/Influenced lakhs of people and shown a way to their life. Millions of people follow her on different social media platforms.

At the beginning of this story, I discussed a diminutive moment where everyone was congratulating her because…

‘ She got an award as India’s no.1 fashion blogger’.

Her prosperity was with a plethora of failures and obstacles. The reason why millions of people verbalize about her, her photo on the Watchtower magazine cover page is her vigorous desire and her unbelievable prosperity.

A minute note from her…

As a caterpillar to become a resplendent butterfly it decomposes all its tissues …same like that To achieve motivational success we have to decompose all these i.e. negative mindsets, trepidation of failure, ignorance, procrastination, sloth.

Prosperity never comes in the comfort zone…….

Decide your dream ..work for it .. get your dream prosperity..

My road to success is under construction..