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Date: ……2025(version 2.0)

One fine day …clouds were blue, an area filled with many people, much noise of people verbalizing with each other and waiting for someone to arrive with much exhilaration, different media with their cameras and list of questions in their mind were waiting at the place then suddenly, Rolls-Royce arrived, Everyone suddenly ceased their talking. commenced rushing towards Rolls-Royce to give greetings with welcome gifts and with an abundance of congrats .then a lady with a Dark ebony blazer with a hijab on her head and a remote smile on her face just stepped out of her…

Marketing starts before a product comes out!!

let me tell you few things about marketing …..

roots of marketing

Do you believe marketing and sales are similar? A big NO……

Marketing is not only creating value for a product but also creating trust among target people for your brand.

This trust will show your relation with your customers & demand for your product. You can become a good marketer when you come to understand the needs of target customers.

A S Safa

My road to success is under construction..

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